Olimpia Park – A Great Playground Next to the Parliament

Adults traveling to unknown cities with children are often at a disadvantage. To ensure an unforgettable family holiday they always have to be prepared for their kids’ needs as well.

Whatever age your children are, I would suggest you visit the Olimpia Park. It is not just a modern playground but a football / basketball field  and a huge meadow where you could have a picnic in nice weather. The park is in the tourist area between the Parliament and the Margaret Bridge (Margit híd) next to the Danube.

In warm weather the huge trees provide enough shade to make the temperature feel more comfortable. There is also a water tap that comes in handy.

The free toilets are close to the entrance. There’s also a baby changing room.

The playground area is covered with a rubber mat that prevents possible injuries.

A unique jungle gym made of rope is a favourite with many kids.


Jungle gym of ropes, Photo: Virag

A huge ’ship’ made of wood will keep your kids busy for a while.


Ladders and slides, Photo: Virag



Busy day, Photo: Virag

For smaller ones you’ll find some swings as well.


Our daughter and the fish, Photo: Virag



Our daughter in the secure baby swing, Photo: Virag



Special swing for two, Photo: Virag


There are many benches nearby so parents can keep an eye on their kids.

Margaret Island (Margit-Sziget) could be the next stop on this children’s activity day.

Either go one stop with tram no. 4 or 6 or take a 10 minute walk through the Margaret Bridge to reach the southern entrance of the island.


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About the authors: Virág and János

Virág, a native of Budapest, and János, who’s been living in the city since 1997 are real fans of the capital of Hungary and try to awake the enthusiasm of others. They are dedicated to helping tourists to make most out of their stay.

Here you can read more about them: http://katonaapartments.hu/

One thought on “Olimpia Park – A Great Playground Next to the Parliament

  1. I was at the Olimpia Park with my almost 2 years old son after Virag’s recommendation (from Katona Apartments) and it was great!! He had a lot of fun in the park! The park is clean, well organized, with safe installations for the children, clean bathrooms and plenty of places to seat and feed the kids if necessary.

    It is very close to the Parliament building, so it is a good way to offer them a reward for the patient visiting the museum or to let them play a lot before visiting it (it was my case).

    In the summer days, is good to bring a set of clothes to change them, because they have a water fountain that children can play with.

    He could have spent a day there…

    Highly recommended for Children of all ages.


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