Three Day Visit Itinerary for Budapest

This is an extended version of our two days visit post: Two Day Visit Itinerary for Budapest

Day 1

Take a walk along Váci street, this is the main pedestrian and shopping street in Budapest. It is one block away from Katona Apartments.


Váci utca early morning, Photo: Virág


At the southern end of Váci street you will easily find the Great Market Hall. It is open from 6am Monday to Saturday but is closed on Sundays and bank holidays. It is definitely worth going there in the morning as you can have a Hungarian breakfast on the first floor.


Great Market Hall (Nagy Vásárcsarnok) Photo: Virág



Food stands on the first floor of the Great Market Hall, Photo: Virág


If you cross the Liberty bridge (Szabadság híd), either on foot or take tram 47 or 49 (one stop), you will reach the Buda side of the Danube. Here, at the foot of the Gellért Hill you will come accross the Cave Church.



Liberty Bridge, Photo: Miroslav Petrasko,


If you are tired:

Opposite the Cave Church you will find the Art Nouveau style Gellért hotel, here you can relax in the lovely thermal baths.


Gellért Bath, Photo: Miroslav Petrasko


To get back to your apartment from the Gellért baths take Metro Line 4 from Gellért tér to Kálvin tér. Our apartments are a 5-10 minute walk away from Kálvin tér.

If you haven’t run out of energy…

…and the weather is nice, you can walk up Gellért hill to the Citadel where you will see the  Statue of Liberty and can admire the amazing views of the city.


Statue of Liberty and the fortress, Photo: Virág



Admiring the view, Photo: Virág

If you walk down the hill on the other side, to reach Elizabeth bridge, you will find the 500 year old Rudas Baths. Here you can take a dip and relax after all that walking.

To get back to your apartment from Rudas Baths cross the Elizabeth bridge and in 10 minutes you will be back in Katona Apartments.


Elizabeth bridge at night, Photo: my cousin Mészöly Nóra

For the evening:

The Budapest Eye Ferris wheel is available in spring, summer and autumn and only a 5 minute walk from the apartment.

A 3 minute walk from the Ferris wheel is Saint Stephan’s Basilica. This is the most important church building in Hungary and also the third highest church in Hungary.

As seen from the tower of St Stephen’s Basilica Photo: my cousin Mészöly Nóra



Basilica, Photo: Miroslav Petrasko


Side door of St Stephen's basilica. Door-handle with fish motifs

Side door of St Stephen’s basilica. Door-handle with fish motifs, Photo: my cousin, Mészöly Nóra

From the Basilica, within 15 minutes, you can walk to the Parliament building, one of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings with its Gothic and Renaissance architecture. It lies in Lajos Kossuth Square, on the bank of the Danube.



Parliament, Photo: Miroslav Petrasko



Parliament, Photo: our guest, Daniela Tentis

Further onto the River bank you can find the Shoes on the Danube memorial honouring the Jews killed in WWII.


Shoes on the Danube Memorial, Photo: Virag


Take a walk back to Katona Apartments along the bank of the Danube and admire the stunning view. (About 20 minutes from the memorial). You can also take tram No. 2 to Erzsébet Bridge.


Day 2

To start the day cross the Chain Bridge and walk up the Castle Hill (about 30 minute walk from the apartment). Alternatively, you can also take the Funicular Railway or if you prefer public transport look for the bus No. 16 on Erzsébet Square.


Castle Hill, Photo: Miroslav Petrasko


Once at the top of the hill you can visit the Royal Castle (from the outside), Matthias ChurchFisherman’s Bastion and take a rest in the charming Ruszwurm Café (7, Szentháromság Street).

View from Fisherman’s Bastion, Photo: my cousin, Mészöly Nóra



Castle district area, Photo: my cousin Mészöly Nóra



Admiring the view, Photo: my cousin Mészöly Nóra


Afterwards you can descend to the spooky cave system that stretches under the castle district area. I have two suggestions for you:

If you are interested in Budapest’s 20th century history, visit my favourite museum, Hospital in the Rock (Lovas út 4/C). Click here to read more about it: A natural formation transformed into a hospital


An alternative program is a 1 km (about 0,6 miles) long walk in the Labyrinth (Úri utca 9). Be prepared for steep stairs and a temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius (about 65 Fahrenheit) during the whole year. It might be a bit scarier than anticipated.

If you still feel like walking, take bus No. 16 back to Erzsébet Square and head north to Szabadság tér and take a look at the only communist statue left in the city, just next door to the US embassy.

In the evening

You can go for a stroll heading south from the apartments. If you follow Károlyi utca and then Kecskeméti utca you will reach Ráday utca. Here you can have a dinner in one of the many restaurants along this street.

Day 3

At Vörösmarty tér catch the Metro Line 1 to Hősök tere. Getting off here will bring you to Heroes Square where you can see its iconic statue complex.


Heroes Square, Photo: Miroslav Petrasko

Close to Heroes Square (5 minute walk) is Vajdahunyad Castle where you can take a romantic walk around the grounds and take in the various architecture.



Vajdahunyad Castle, Photo: Miroslav Petrasko


Round the corner from the castle is Széchenyi Baths, one of the largest spa complexes in Europe with a variety of indoor and outdoor pools.


Széchenyi Bath, Photo: Miroslav Petrasko


From Széchenyi Baths take 4 stops with Metro Line 1 until Vörösmarty utca stop (not Vörösmarty tér!) and visit the House of Terror (Andrássy út 60). It contains exhibits related to the fascist and communist dictatorial regimes in Hungary.

On the first floor of the building of Andrássy út 39 you can visit the former ball room, called Lotz Café. It operates as an impressive and elegant café with authentic 19th century atmoshere, decorated ceilings, chandeliers and numerous large guilded mirrors.

Another splendid 19th century building is the Hungarian State Opera House (Andrássy út 22). If you don’t plan to attend a performance, I highly recommend taking part in a short guided tour each day at 3 pm or 4 pm to have a look at the stunning interior.


Hungarian State Opera House, Photo: Miroslav Petrasko


To head back to the apartment from here take Metro Line 1 until Vörösmarty Square (terminal). From there, Katona Apartments can be reached within 5 minutes. We suggest you walk along Váci street.

If you prefer to walk from the Opera House, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the apartments.

For the Evening

You can take a nice walk in the Jewish Quarter (5 minute walk from Katona Apartments): Here you can view the Great Synagogue (from the outside) and explore this area to find the famous ruin pubs. You may also want to pay a visit to Gozsdu Court with its many cafés, restaurants, galleries and shops all within one complex.


Ruin pub from outside, Photo: my cousin Mészöly Nóra



Ruin pub from inside, Photo: my cousin Mészöly Nóra

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