What (not) to bring with you for your Budapest stay

As Budapest is a metropolis and we are located in the city center, everything can be bought in the vicinity of our apartments, that a European city can offer you. So don’t worry if you leave anything at home.

Although here are some suggestions that you should not forget about.

What to bring

Swimsuits  Budapest is the city of thermal baths. It would be a big mistake not to visit at least one because of lack of swim suits. In case you forget them at home, you can buy them in a clothes store. The closest ones are about 5-8 blocks away from our apartments.

In winter time a bathrobe may come handy if you visit Széchenyi Bath, as it has outside pools as well operating all year round. It’s real fun to walk in the snow bare feet and then soak in the hot thermal water. With a bathrobe the chilled ones will feel more comfortable.

To avoid blisters on your feet, bring sneakers with you. Our former guest, Rachael from UK and many others can confirm, that flip flops are not the best choice for those who come to explore Budapest on foot. Avoid blisters!

If you are a student, bring your international student card with you. You get discounts on hop on hop off sightseeing buses, museums and other sights.

For European Union citizens above the age of 65 public transport is free. Don’t forget to bring your ID card or passport with you. The controllers will ask for it on trams, buses and metro.


Tram 49 crossing the river Danube on Liberty Bridge, Photo: Virág

What not to bring

We provide all these items to you during your stay:
shower gel, liquid soap, washing powder and softener, towel (one for each), coffee, tea, salt, sugar, map of the city center, Lonely Planet Budapest guide book, wall outlet adapters for our guests arriving from overseas.

For families with little children we offer free items but please inform us in advance if you need any of these: cot, baby bath, high chair, plastic plates, spoons and cups, tiny night light, toys and books.

Enjoy your stay in our awesome city.

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About the authors: Virág and János

Virág, a native of Budapest, and János, who’s been living in the city since 1997 are real fans of the capital of Hungary and try to awake the enthusiasm of others. They are dedicated to helping tourists to make most out of their stay.

Here you can read more about them: http://katonaapartments.hu/

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